License Agreement

Pattern Rights

The patterns here may be used for personal or commercial projects. The purpose of pattern hero is to provide quality vector patterns you can modify, manipulate and use for your projects with no hassle. All patternhero patterns are free of charge.

Ways you can use the patterns

  • For personal projects
  • For commercial projects
  • Modify or change the patterns to fit your needs
  • Share the vectors with others

Ways you cannot use the patterns

  • Sell them as your own work or creations
  • Host them on your own website as a download
  • Use in a logo or trademark

Termination of license

If you do not comply with the terms or conditions in this Agreement, your rights to the use of the patterns will automatically terminate without notice.


You agree to indemnify patternhero for any and all claims, costs, damages, or liabilities related to a breach of this agreement, which are caused by the use of the pattern artwork, by abuse of restrictions of artwork or by claims of third parties regarding the use of a Work.

Warranty and Liability

All pattern artwork is provided as is. There are no warranties or liabilities in place regarding the artwork or content of this website.